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AqaSolar Control | EVOSOL

Control software

All the control and management of your solar pumping in your hand, from any mobile support and from anywhere in the world.

Software AQAsolar control

What does AQASolar do?

Installation control

With AQASolar you will have your solar pumping points, and irrigation under control, connection and disconnection of pivots, covers and raft parameters among the most used.

Real time connection

Visualization of all the parameters of solar pumping in real time and in an easy and simple way.

Easy and intuitive

A program has been developed with the end user in mind, and we have achieved a very intuitive, powerful and easy-to-use tool for anyone who is capable of using a mobile device.

Remote connection without facilities

You can connect from anywhere on the planet without installations in your mobile terminal, it is only necessary to access our server through an internet connection.

Operating history

In our server we keep a backup with all the information of the operation of the installation, very useful for locating errors and for the study of energy efficiency.

Secure access system

The system allows secure access by password and user stored in our encrypted system.

Remote Management

Technical service without displacements

We can detect errors before they appear, with the history stored on the operation of the pumps. In this way we can make changes to the system programming quickly and economically.

Operaciones habilitadas

  • Operations enabled
  • Opening of sectors and pivots
  • Check irrigation times
  • Information about m3
  • Stopping and starting pumps manually.
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"In the beginning my goal of setting up a solar pump was only the cost savings in my operation, now I have realized in addition to the time and comfort that I have gained with the management from AQASolar"
Felix Lobato
spanish farmer

"The best interface for the management of solar pumps in agriculture"

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