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"High performance facilities for demanding crops"


High performance solar pumping


For this type of irrigation, we can use a multi-pump system with raft where the pumps will work simultaneously distributing the energy available in the solar panels.

The surface pump is always going to run at constant pressure and flow, supplying water to the pivot or the cover system. The submersible pump will increase or reduce its flow rate depending on the solar energy left over at each moment for the filling of the raft. An alternative to the multi-pump system is to use a single over-sized submersible pump and where we use a maximum power point tracking system for solar panels. This system is optimal for large risks such as irrigation with pivot or cover.

Can you imagine a saving of MORE than 1,000 €/ha in your crops?

It is already a reality with solar energy.

+-5 years

return on investment, and subject to the variation of the price of the rest of energy sources.

365 days/year

of comfort, safety and energy independence.

>25 years

of useful life of the components of the installation.


of investment, since you actually derive fixed production expenses, in your own installation.

The new generation...

New generation of solar pumps, now cover more extensions, occupy less space and better integration in farms.

Solar Tracker...

We work with solar trackers with high quality components, low maintenance and Wifi technology.

Campo de colza en bombeo solar evosol

Powerful Software...

New software design and improvement in energy management offer maximum yields and greater crop control.


It is an expanding technology at international level, cheap and committed to global warming


High profitability of facilities covered by excellent financing.

Electric power, without a doubt the best option when it is economical and environmentally friendly.

The development of new equipment and systems in the market offer us options that adapt to each situation.


Globalization forces us to be more competitive every day and adjust the margins of crops, to continue subsisting in the international economy.



Custom projects


The creation of multi-level custom projects maximizes the performance of the facilities and adjusts to the needs of each project. From scratch or adapting to old irrigation instillations, we design the new project.


High efficiency photovoltaic panels (Class A) in all installations, control panels equipped with software that achieve up to 25% more performance, and carefully selected suppliers to create high quality projects.


The energy and water control of our crops is a very important point in the improvement of our facilities. In Evosol we have paid close attention to this phase and we have designed a powerful, simple and mobile application for the control of solar pumping. AQAcontrol



Control of many parameters of the installation in timeporea, and archiving of historical operation.


Easy and intuitive design for system management without the need for great computer skills.


Real-time access to the operating status of irrigation and solar pumping, as well as the opening and closing of sections or pivots. From anywhere in the world, everything under control.

Software AQAsolar control

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“La energía es nuestra pasión, en ella hemos empleado años de estudio y dedicación, ahora es el momento de mostrar lo que sabemos”


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